Superman was invented by two Jewish guys, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This makes me wonder if certain aspects of Superman were tweaked before the comic hit the stands. For instance, did “Up, up and away!” start off as “Up, up and oy vey!?” Was one of his original super powers that he never paid retail (yet he did all volunteer work and never asked for a dime)? Did they bring in a mohel with a kryptonite knife to do the circumcision on baby Superman? Was Clark Kent originally supposed to be a doctor?


One Response to “Jewperman”

  1. teamwit Says:

    never paid retail? Gary – why perpetuate this stereotype? I am a little sensitive right now…On Sunday I sat on an airplane next to a lovely young woman who lives in Del Mar Ca (hate her on principle) who was originally from Tunisia. She was telling me and another woman that she is raising her children with no religion (her husband is part Arab, part Italian) because “Muslims are raised from birth to hate Jews and so many of my best friends are Jewish.” She even tried going into mosques in CA and the need to hate Jews was the first thing they try to teach. They say that the Koran teaches that “Jewish women sleep with their dead husbands and that is why they smell horrible. Jewish women are disgusting, smell bad and are not normal human beings.” Maybe I am just not in the mood to read any negative stereotypes about Jews these days. 😦

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