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The real poop on the Pope.

February 27, 2013

The real reason Pope Benedict is resigning:
His neck is all screwed up from the weight of the hat.


A fortunate romance

February 11, 2013

A woman asks her husband, “Did you only marry me because my father died and left me a fortune?”
He assured her, “No, I’d have married you no matter who left you the money!”

Endangered species: Boiled Eagle

February 9, 2013

A hiker got lost in the woods. After he hadn’t eaten for 3 days, he saw a bald eagle, which he killed and ate. Immediately thereafter, a park ranger found him, saw the eagle feathers and arrested the hiker for killing a protected animal. In court, after he explained his desperate situation to the judge, the judge ruled, “Under the circumstances, I must find you not guilty. However, I’m curious what that bald eagle tasted like?”
The hiker responded, “It was kind of a cross between a whooping crane and a spotted owl.”