Some oddservations

What has 6 balls and screws you twice a week?
The Mega Millions lottery.
Today’s prize is $640 million and the odds of winning are 1 in 176 million. That means that, if you could buy 176 million lottery tickets, covering every possible combination of numbers, you could double your money (unless you had to split the prize with some other winner).
Why do people buy lottery tickets, despite the odds? You pay for the fantasy of what you would do if you won. I think everyone has 3 basic things they dream about, from the time they buy the lottery ticket until the drawing: 1. What you would buy; 2. The places you’d go; and, 3. The list of people you’d tell to kiss your butt.
If anyone reading this posting happens to win the big prize, it’s probably preferable not to post it on Facebook. Sure, you’ll have more friend requests than anyone since Mark Zuckerberg, but you’ll also hear more stories of woe (with accompanying requests for money) than anyone since G-d.
The ultimate pessimist would be someone who wins the lottery, but gets mad that someone else also won, so he’s got to share the prize. The ultimate test whether you’re a glass half full or glass half empty person would be if you won $10,000 by getting all but one number correct. Would you be happy you won $10,000 or furious that you were one ball away from winning $640 million?
Well, that’s it. I’ve got to run over to the convenience mart to, uh, buy something. About $5 worth.

One Response to “Some oddservations”

  1. Stacey A Hoffman Says:

    Very logical thinking.

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