A woman went to Confession and told the Catholic priest, “I’ve become a prostitute.”
The priest exclaimed, “Dear Lord! That’s terrible! There’s no absolution for that! You’re going to burn in Hell!”
The shocked woman replied, “All from being a prostitute?”
The priest said, “Oh, terribly sorry. I thought you said, ‘Protestant.'”

2 Responses to “Sintax”

  1. Stacey A Hoffman Says:

    You see, religion is worse than prostitution!

    • garykatzjokesrgood4u Says:

      An idea is not responsible for the people who believe in it. Besides, religion is the oldest profession, and prostitution the second oldest. So religion has had more time to create mischief. Here’s a funny joke you can use on your friends: “What sexual position is guaranteed to produce ugly children? Go ask your mother.”

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