Moronity rule

The “Underwear Bomber” got life in prison last week. Good. Got me thinking how one person or just a few people can screw everything up for the rest of us. Remember the cyanide in Tylenol, in 1982? Since then, just about every product gets so many layers of safety wrapping, by the time you get it all off, the product has passed its expiration date. Then Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, comes along, and now I’ve got to wear socks without holes, whenever I fly. A plot in England resulted in no more bottles of water or any soft drink getting through security (but you can readily buy one afterwards in the airport shops for 3 bucks). The underwear bomber hastened deployment of full body scanners, which further delay air travel, especially given our moronic approach to air security, screening for weapons, instead of screening for terrorists. So now they’re examining some elderly woman’s colostomy bag (and there hasn’t even been a colostomy bag bomber!). One jerk here, one jerk there, and millions of people have to change their routines. I think prison sentences should be doubled if the crime results in mass lifestyle changes!


One Response to “Moronity rule”

  1. Stacey A Hoffman Says:

    i always agree with you.

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