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Pollish joke

October 29, 2011

Presidents Ahmadinejad of Iran, Bashar Assad of Syria and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela were on a plane that developed engine trouble. There was only one parachute. Ahmadinejad suggested they decide who would get to use the parachute, based on a democratic vote. Ahmadinejad won by 23 votes.


Fast driving

October 9, 2011

My wife can be so unreasonable. I was backing out of our parking space after Yom Kippur services. There were pedestrians all around, and my wife kept admonishing me to pay attention. I asked her, “You expect me to drive AND pay attention?” The way I figure it, if those pedestrians have been inscribed in the book of life, they’ve got nothing to worry about!

Joke evolution – survival of the witless?

October 6, 2011

Today I was wondering how some jokes become widely known, while others remain relatively obscure. For instance, we’ve all heard, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Why have we all heard it? It’s not even remotely funny. Far more amusing is “Mommy, do I have an Oedipus Complex?” “Shut up and kiss me!” Yet I bet one millionth the number of people are familiar with the latter joke (and even fewer would get it). Does this reflect the distribution of the “lowest common denominator” in our society? Or is it the phenomenon that repeating something often enough makes it stick in our minds, even if we don’t want to remember? Think about the song, “Midnight at the Oasis.” Really stupid song. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming it within the next hour. Sorry. At least I didn’t mention “YMCA.”
Back to humor. Henny Youngman told thousands of jokes. Yet what joke of his do you recall? “Take my wife, please!” That’s it? That’s his legacy? I much prefer Emo Phillips, who comes up with great twists like, “My female friend told me, ‘Emo, I wouldn’t have sex with you if you were the last man on Earth!’ I replied, ‘If I were the last man on Earth, I wouldn’t even let you in the line.'” More down the road…