Betting on number 7

A Jewish man was walking down a downtown street when a stretch limo pulled to the curb, and Herbie, his friend from the old neighborhood, got out of the back seat. Herbie was wearing expensive clothes and wearing a Rolex. The man exclaimed, “Herbie! What happened? Did you win the lottery?”
Herbie explained, “I won millions at the track.”
“Do you have a betting system?”
Herbie answered, “Not really. I started going to Friday night Shabbat services and again Saturday morning. Never missed praying on Sabbath. Since then, I pick the winning horse almost every time!”
The man figured he’d give it a shot. He started religiously attending Shabbat services. Still, he only occasionally won at the track – no more than anyone else. He called up Herbie and complained, “It’s not working!”
Herbie seemed puzzled. He asked, “Well, where have you been going to shul?”
“B’nei Shalom.”
Herbie exclaimed, “B’nei Shalom? That’s for harness racing!”

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