Boorlitical science, or elect shuns

I will be so glad when the election is over and the political ads no longer dominate television. They are so creative in their sliminess. Apparently, candidates had better do background checks on everyone who donates money to their campaign. Otherwise, the opponent runs a commercial stating, “He has the support of the Jihadist Nazis!” Of course, if the candidate returns the money, he gets, “Then he tried to cover it up!” It’s the same for even the remotest forms of employment. “He employed illegals!” can mean you didn’t check the green card of your pizza delivery driver.
I wonder how low it will sink. Next round of elections might feature, “His children bribed the teacher into higher grades (they did extra credit)!” How about, “A huge cache of drugs was found in his home (medicine cabinet)!”
Or “He was spotted on LSD (Lake Shore Drive)!”
Any position a candidate takes on the issues can be twisted to ridiculous extreme. If a candidate favor decriminalizing marijuana, he can have fun defending, “He wants to pass out dime bags at grammar schools!” If the candidate promotes background checks before gun purchases, it’s “He doesn’t think people should be able to defend their homes from gang members who are high on free pot they got at school!” Of course, any position one takes on taxes is assailable. Lowering taxes means “He wants to throw the poor and seniors into the streets!” Raising taxes means, “He wants to eliminate the middle class!” Sigh…
Yes, let the political campaigns end, so I can get back to my Flo commercials (those insurance commercials).


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