A vicious cycle

An old man on a bicycle pulled up next to a young guy in a sports car stopped at a red light. The old guy poked his head through the window and said, “That’s a pretty nice dashboard! What’s the top speed?”
The driver said, “About 175.” Then the light turned green and the young driver decided to impress the old bicyclist by peeling out. Much to his surprise, he saw the old guy in his side mirror, pedaling furiously, and keeping pace. The bicyclist seemed to be shouting something, perhaps mocking him. So he shifted into high gear and within seconds, was doing 70 MPH. He checked his side mirror, and amazingly, the old guy was still right behind him, pedaling away, and still shouting something. The driver slowed down to 40, and let the bicyclist pull alongside. The driver could then hear the bicyclist shouting, “Stop, so I can unhook my suspenders from your side view mirror!”

Going on vacation; more jokes in a week!

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