humor by the numbers

A guy entered prison for some white collar crime. In the cafeteria, another prisoner said, “23,” and everyone laughed uproariously. Another inmate said, “14,” and again, the prisoners cracked up. “What’s that all about?,” he asked the guy sitting next to him.
The other prisoner explained, “We’ve all been in here so long, we’ve heard every joke ever told. So to save time, we numbered all the jokes, and if you want to tell a joke, you just say the number, and we all think about that joke and get a good laugh.”
“I guess that makes sense,” the newbie replied. He figured he’d give it a try and said really loud, “15!”
Nobody laughed. He tried again. “21!” Dead silence.
He turned to his neighbor, “I don’t get it – nobody laughed!”
The other prisoner shrugged and said, “Sorry. Some people just can’t tell a joke.”

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