An argument against Jew rule, so lame

A Saudi prince visiting the U.S. criticized Israeli hegemony over East Jerusalem. “The Israelis are ethnically cleansing the Muslims. They wish to make East Jerusalem completely Jewish!”
An American politician said, “We take these allegations very seriously and would like to discuss them further.”
The prince replied, “Thank you, but I return to Saudi Arabia later today and my schedule is full.”
The American offered, “Well, how about if we meet in Mecca to discuss these issues?”
“No non-Muslims are allowed in Mecca.”
The American followed up with, “Oh, that’s right. Well, I can meet you at any church anywhere in Saudi Arabia.”
“We don’t allow churches in our sacred Muslim country.”
“Okay, I’ll meet you at your palace.”
The prince said, “All right, but you won’t be allowed to wear that crucifix I see hanging around your neck.”
“Can I at least bring my personal Bible?”
“Fine. It’ll just be me and my staff.”
“Are any of them women?”
“They must cover everything except their faces, so nobody stones or rapes them.”
“Anything else?”
“Are there any Jews on your staff?”
“A couple.”
“No Jews allowed.”
“You mean into your palace?”
“Into my country.”
The exasperated American asked, “Why do you even care about the status of Jerusalem, which isn’t in Saudi Arabia?”
The prince explained, “We want Jerusalem to be free like our country.”

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