Yin and yank

This is my favorite Henny Youngman joke:
A guy went to the dentist with the worst toothache of his life. The dentist pulled out the tooth, but dropped it and it lodged in the guy’s esophagus. “You’ll have to get an ear, nose and throat doctor to remove it from there,” explained the contrite dentist.
The ear, nose and throat doctor tried to grab the tooth with his instrument, but only pushed it further down. “You’ll have to see a gastroenterologist,” he advised.
By the time the poor guy had his appointment with the gastroenterologist, the tooth had worked its way through most of this digestive tract and was lodged in his anus. “Please help me, Doc! My anus really hurts!”
The gastroenterologist looked “things” over and concluded, “Well, your problem is, you’ve got a tooth wedged down there. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to see a dentist!”

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