dogged pursuit

A French poodle was taken on a safari with his owner and wandered off. Soon he was hopelessly lost. As he was sniffing some old animal bones he found on the jungle floor, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a lion stalking him. Thinking fast and pretending not to notice the lion, he said out loud, “Yum, that sure was a tasty lion!”
The lion saw the animal bones and figured this poodle was some strange creature that ate lions. So the lion fled in terror. A monkey saw the whole scam, and figured if he told the lion of the ruse, he could curry favor with the lion. So the monkey took off after the lion. The poodle noticed this and knew the monkey was going to rat him out. The poodle began to furiously think up a new plan.
Soon, the monkey caught up to the lion and explained how the poodle had tricked the lion. The embarrassed lion said, “Hop on my back, and you’ll see me teach that strange creature a real lesson!”
As the lion approached with the monkey on his back, the poodle again pretended not to notice and said, “Where is that stupid monkey? I sent him off 10 minutes ago to bring me another lion!”

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