For dog lovers

A guy walks into a bar with a dog on a leash. “No dogs allowed,” says the bartender.
The guy protests, “But this isn’t an ordinary dog! My dog can talk like a human!”
The bartender says, “Yeah, right.”
“Allow me to demonstrate.” Turning to the dog, the customer asks, “What’s on a house?”
The dog says, “Rooowf!”
The guy tells the bartender, “See? He said ‘roof!'”
“What’s sandpaper?”
“See? He said ‘rough!'”
Next, the guy asks his dog, “Who was the greatest baseball player ever?”
“See? He said ‘Ruth,’ like Babe Ruth!”
The bartender says, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen,” and throws the guy and his dog out. They’re sitting out on the curb, and the dog turns to his owner and says, “Maybe I should’ve said ‘Dimaggio?'”

Ken Goldman told me this joke in 6th grade, I believe.


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